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  • Analysis of Air Flotation Technology in Sewage Treatment


    Sewage has always been an important factor affecting environmental pollution. Scientific methods should be found as soon as possible to solve the sewage discharge and disposal problems for the society sustainable development. So far the most importan

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  • Development of Membrane Technology of Sewage Resources Reuse


    The energy saving and waste water recovery is not only the development direction of the global water market, but also the demand for technological innovation of water treatment company in China. Membrane technology is widely used in the three fields

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  • How do Waste Incineration Power Generation Projects Avoid “Not-In-My-Back-Yard”?


    Recently, the waste incineration power generation project in Anhui Province was resisted by the people due to the“Not-In-My-Back-Yard”. As advanced environmental protection projects, why the waste incineration power generation projects would be resis

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  • Phase 2018-1 (Total 80th) Training Course on Automation Control Technology Was Held in HNAC Successfully


    During 17th-25th April, 95 representatives from 31 companies in 13 provinces and cities gathered in Changsha Hunan to start a journey of knowledge exploration. Power automation system, power station automation system, auxiliary equipment automation s

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  • Study on Technology of Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation and Prevention Measurement of Waste Gas Pollution


    According to current application effects, we can see that the waste incineration power generation could not only solve the urban domestic waste, but also use the heat generated by the garbage combustion to generate electricity to release part power s

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  • May 23,2017

    2017 HNAC Workshop and Seminar

    Do you often encounter such a situation that we can not find the maintenance method after the failure of the power plant equipment; Do you often have such confusion that the station is hard to manage and low efficiency? Do you always long for interac

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  • Mar 11,2017

    International Training Workshop on Planning, Construction & Operation Management of Small & Medium Hydropower Station” Will be Launched

    On October 17, 2016, 2016-4 (The 70th) International Training Workshop on Planning, Construction & Operation Management of Small & Medium Hydropower Station, jointly held by UNIDO ICSHP Changsha Hydropower Control Equipment Manufacturing Base, Traini

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