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HNAC has powerful productivity, excellent equipment, advanced technology and perfect quality testing system.

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  • Feb 06,2018

    Entrepreneurs Representatives from International Chamber of Commerce Gathered Together in China for Overseas Development

    On 31th January 2018, the first of the fifth session of China International Chamber of Commerce Hunan Commerce was held in HNAC Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Jian He, the Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hunan Sub-Council

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  • Jan 31,2018

    Welcome General Manager Special Training Representative of the National Power Distribution Company to HNAC

    Hosted by the Jingsheng New Energy Investment Co., Ltd., HNAC Technology Co., Ltd., ENN Group, Jingdian Electric Co., Ltd., the General Manager Special Training Class of the National Power Distribution Company was held in Changsha during 18th to 20th

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  • Jan 23,2018

    DCS System Project of COFCO (Dongguan)

    During 2015-2017, HNAC undertook the construction of DCS system project of the COFCO Dongguan Tank Farm, the Oil Depot and the Silo Logistics. At present, the systems are all in a stable production stage.

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