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HNAC has powerful productivity, excellent equipment, advanced technology and perfect quality testing system.

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  • Sep 27,2017

    The Composition and Function of Water Turbine Speed Governor

    The turbine speed governor is composed of energy storage, electro co​nnecting pressure gauge, pump motor power, hydraulic pressure stands, pressure gauge, electrical cabinet,relay cabinet, opening table, touch screen, frequency table, manual control.

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  • Sep 20,2017

    Tips On Daily Maintenance Of The Excitation Device

    A professional excitation devices is a system for real-time monitoring of generator, the main purpose of using this device is that the safety operation of generator is easily affected by the voltage fluctuations when the power plant do the generation

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  • Sep 15,2017

    The Function of Remote Monitoring System in Power Station

    All the power station equipments are to serve the production. Same as the video monitoring systems, it’s aim to monitor the operation status of power station equipment to reduce the labor and labor intensity, then to reduce the operation cost and dea

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