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HNAC has powerful productivity, excellent equipment, advanced technology and perfect quality testing system.

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  • Aug 16,2017

    HNAC Involves In Editing National Standard For 2 Unattended Small Hydropower Stations

    In March 2017, the energy industry small hydropower standard --- < NB/T 42074-2016 Specifications of safety for unattended small hydropower station> and < NB/T 42075-2016 Technical code for supervisory and control of unattended small hydropower stati

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  • Aug 08,2017

    Warmly Welcome the Representatives of the Cameroon HydroPower Station Operation and Management Seminar to HNAC for International Exchange

    In August 2017, the Cameroon Operation and Management Seminar was hosted by China Electric Power Construction Group Zhongnan Survey and Design Institute in Changsha, Hunan China, sponsored by the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce. The seminar d

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  • Aug 03,2017

    How Should We Do Reservoir Flood Control Work After The Flood?

    In the reservoir informatization construction, water and rain forecasting, dam safety monitoring etc are the necessary system for reservoir flood control, which could provide guides for the flood control scientific scheduling and decision-making comm

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