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DCS System oluptulm

Client: HANC
Date: Dec 21,2017
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Industrial Process Control System DCS Control System 



To achieve the industrial process automation control system, the industrial process automation is combined with intelligent controller such as PLC, PAC, DCS and all kinds of professional instrument and network. This system with high reliability, environmental benefits, safety, process control and management, flexible and other characteristics.




With HNAC HZ-DCS series process automation and control system, it can achieve the whole processes of automation control and information management for grain and oil or food production projects. The whole processes herein can be defined as process of raw materials into the plant, processing production, warehouse storage, discharge from warehouse, and product tracing.

Main Functions

(1) Data acquisition and processing

Through the various types of I/O plug-ins and communication, the collecting and necessary processing of data will be done for site analog value and switch value.

(2) Automatic control

The following control methods of the site equipment (includes valve, oil pump, motor, etc.) can be done as: PID control, analog and step output control, multivariable control, deviation control, cascade control, the optimal gain control, etc. Moreover, the optimal control will be realized with the advanced fuzzy control technology.

(3)Production and operation recording and safety monitoring

(4) The embedded digital video function

Do integration of digital video into the designated factory object, and the working process as the following if there is any requirement: click the right mouse button on this object, open the video graphics, and watch the scene of production unit for real-time video information (the video playback of history information also is available).

(5) Contact and integrated automation

Through the workshop automation data acquisition and combined with decision analysis, the automated data collection of production process can be realized, which can achieve the intelligent manufacturing and wisdom factory.

Technical Parameter

(1) System capacity

The system can be configured with 80 controllers, 80 operator/engineer/OPC stations, 100 network and the number of input/output channel can reach 12000.

(2) Response rate

  • Control command response time: ≤1s

  • Call the new scene response time: ≤1s

  • Display time between the instructions sending and response of control unit: ≤2s

  • Generation time of voice alarm and screen prompts: ≤2s

(3)System stability

  • Computer monitoring system MTBF>25000h

  • Local control system MTBF >30000h

  • System availability: ≥99.97%

(4)Adapting of the environment and antijamming capability

  • Ambient temperature: -5~45℃

  • Relative temperature: 10%~90% (No condensation)

  • Dust-proofing: the dust particle size>0.5μ, number of dust <10000 particles/liter

  • Vibration resistance and anti-impact ability: vibrational frequency 5~200Hz, accelerated velocity 5±0.5m/s2

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