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Solutions for Energy Storage System

New Energy Industry Distribution:

Relying on years of power technology and market advantages, and with the cooperation of the strategic partners, HNAC is committed to providing a complete system integration solution customized to its users. HNAC distributes the new energy market in the form of industrial chain, providing one-stop service of consulting, design, research and development, production, construction and operation and maintenance.

Application: wind power, solar power, hydro power, charging pile and power system etc.

Distribution of New Energy Industry

Energy Storage System Solutions:

1. Renewable energy grid-connected system

(1) Solutions

Solutions for renewable energy grid-connected system

Application: be widely applied in the wind power stations or solar power stations.

(2) Features

  • Reduce the abandoning usage of solar and wind power to improve economy;
  • Reduce the instantaneous power variation rate and reduce the impact of the grid;
  • Track planning and scheduling to improve the controllability on the grid;
  • Improve the accuracy of power generation prediction and improve the friendliness of grid connection.

2. Grid auxiliary service system

(1) Solutions

Solutions for grid auxiliary service system

Application: be widely applied in the power stations and the substation.

(2) Features

  • Relieve the impact of the load on the grid and improve the friendliness of the load to the power grid;
  • Balance the peak-to-valley difference of the power grid and improve the economy of electricity consumption.
  • Compensate grid voltage and frequency deviation to improve power supply quality.

3. Distributed and microgrid system

(1) Solutions

Solutions for the distributed and microgrid system

Application: be widely applied for the comprehensive energy, the multi-energy complement and the microgrid.

(2) Features

  • Delay the demand for the expansion and the investment of the power distribution equipment and improve equipment utilization;
  • Switch over with or without connection to the grid to obtain the peak-to-valley price difference;
  • Comprehensive utilization of energy to reduce the cost.

Energy Storage System Features:

  • Adopt the lithium iron phosphate battery with high-safety, long-life and large-capacity
  • Adopt the modular design to facilitate the installation and maintenance;
  • Have the intelligent human-machine interface to provide the real-time monitoring, being easy to operate;
  • Be provided with the intelligent temperature control system which is not affected by the external environment;
  • Be provided with the automatic security system with the sevoflorane gas fire extinguisher, being full immersed, safe and reliable, and quick response;
  • Have the multi-functional local energy management system to realize the energy complementary scheduling;
  • Be equipped with the Multi-terminal source cloud server for the monitoring.

(1) Energy Management System (EMS)

  • Be provided with the customized design according to user’s requirements;
  • Be equipped with complete data acquisition and monitoring functions;
  • Be able to connect to the dispatch center system and accept the charge and discharge control commands issued by the dispatch center;
  • Enable friendly data transmission between BMS and PCS devices;
  • Adopt advanced control strategies to achieve peak-to-peak frequency modulation, peak-to-valley arbitrage, and reduction of maximum demand;
  • Support the linkage between the local and cloud monitoring;

More information about Energy Management System (EMS)

(2) Power Conversion System (PCS)

  • High efficiency: PF is ±1, and the full load switching time is as low as 10ms
  • Safety: Full-load operating temperature ranges -40 ° C ~ 55 ° C; apply the staggered parallel technology and the ultra-wide DC voltage ranging DC500V ~ 1000V.
  • Convenience: adopt the modular design for easy expansion and support split design which is compatible with single and multiple outputs.
  • Smart: Be provided with the multi-dimensional intelligent fan adjustment function to reduce power consumption and noise and the friendly human-machine interaction.

More information about Power Conversion System (PCS)

(3) Battery Management System (BMS)

  • Multi-layer security
  • Accurate measurement
  • Precise estimation
  • Efficient equilibrium
  • Comprehensive diagnosis
  • Smart interconnection

More information about Battery System (BMS)

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