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Energy Storage System oluptulm

Client: HNAC
Date: Jul 19,2019
Info: Phasellus ultrices t
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Power Conversion System (PCS)

Energy Storage System Technical Data:


Specification and Data

Remarks (Characteristics)

Max. output power


Optional, setup

Rated energy-storing capacity



DC Rated voltage


High energy storage, low cost, long life lithium iron phosphate battery

Energy conversion rate


System efficiency (including battery charge and discharge)

Heating and ventilation design

Constant temperature system

Low power consumption, independently adjustable air duct and filtered salt spray function,



Being customized

Other aux. device

1 set

Including gas automatic fire extinguishing system; indoor temperature control system; all-round video monitoring system

Auxiliary system

HNAC Cloud Monitoring System

Remote monitoring, mobile APP

Energy Storage System Function:

energy storage system functions

Power Conversion System (PCS) Description:

The PCS energy storage converter is a device that realizes bidirectional conversion of electric energy between the battery system and the power grid. It can control the charging and discharging process of the battery, perform AC/DC conversion, and directly supply power to the AC load being isolated from the grid.

Power Conversion System (PCS) Technical Data:



HZ-PCS 100

HZ-PCS 250

HZ-PCS 500

Rated power






DC Voltage


DC Current






Grid Voltage


Rated frequency


Switching time in positive direction




Power Conversion System (PCS) Features:

(1) High efficiency: PF is ±1, and the full load switching time is as low as 10ms

(2) Safety: Full-load operating temperature ranges -40 ° C ~ 55 ° C; apply the staggered parallel technology and the ultra-wide DC voltage ranging DC500V ~ 1000V.

(3) Convenience: adopt the modular design for easy expansion and support split design which is compatible with single and multiple outputs.

(4) Smart: Be provided with the multi-dimensional intelligent fan adjustment function to reduce power consumption and noise and the friendly human-machine interaction.

Power Conversion System (PCS) Performance Characteristics:

HZ-PCS system supports dual Ethernet, IEC61850/MMS communication protocol; adopts the latest high-frequency switching power supply technology, 20KHz switching frequency, small size, less harmonics, better power quality.

Key Technology of Energy Storage System——HNAC Technology PCS Energy Storage Converter-2

(1) Efficient

The AC side PF value is ±1, which improves the load capacity; the real energy bidirectional flow, seamless switching between forward and reverse, high dynamic response, full load switching time as low as 10ms, ensuring the power supply safety of important equipment such as computers and servers.

(2) Security

High reliability and protection performance, resistant to high temperature, humidity, salt spray and other harsh environments; full load operating temperature range -40 ° C ~ 55 ° C; using staggered parallel technology, reducing capacitor ripple current, improve module life; overload capability, meet control voltage and current time requirements for overload demand; ultra-wide DC voltage range (DC680V~1000V), excellent adaptability.

(3) Convenient

Modular design, easy to maintain and easy to expand; support split design, compatible with single and multi output, flexible use.

(4) Intelligence

Multi-dimensional intelligent fan adjustment function to reduce power consumption and noise; friendly human-computer interaction.

As the energy storage market continues to grow rapidly, the technology used in energy storage systems will also mature. HNAC Technology will continue to increase investment in research and development and technology, improve the utilization rate of new energy, and promote green and sustainable development of the social economy.

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