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Hydropower Automatic System oluptulm

Client: HANC
Date: Apr 14,2017
Info: Phasellus ultrices t
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Unit Automation System



The unit automatic control system is mainly used for the automatic monitoring, control and protection of hydropower station units. The unit remote metering, remote signaling and remote regulation and remote control are carried out so that the operation of the unit is highly automated, which also improved the economy, reliability and safety of the unit operation.

Product Features

  • Water conservancy and hydropower dedicated function module
  • Standard network and communication function;

  • Single set of LCU can fulfill 3 units control;

  • Multiple load control modes;

  • One RTD module access various type of thermal resistance;

  • Touch screen multiple types of settings, avoid the PLC setting lost and setting error

Main Functions

  • Data acquisition and pre-processing

  • Data communication and network communication

  • Local database management

  • Operating conditions switchover

  • Sequence of events

  • Local man-machine interface

  • Time synchronization

  • AGC and economic operation

  • Automatic power regulation

  • Unit automatic start-up, shutdown control and unit accident protection

  • Anti-misoperation

  • Data acquisition and processing

  • Control of inlet valves

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