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Hydropower Automatic System oluptulm

Client: HANC
Date: Apr 14,2017
Info: Phasellus ultrices t
Launch Project

MTC-3SW Fully Unattended Hydropower Station Automation



The system has the functions such as remote monitoring, remote automatic control, remote protection, remote measurement, remote signaling and remote video surveillance, etc.

Product features

  • Remote control, fully unmanned operation of hydropower station;

  • Double network communication, perfect automatic control system and manual control system, ensured the power generation even when there is damage on components of secondary equipments;

  • Products selected are mature and reliable;

  • Advanced redundant design, low cost in future upgrading;

  • Complete set supply of all primary equipments and secondary equipments (including turbine generators, transformers, mutual inductors, high and low voltage switchgears, excitation system, governor system, all other secondary automation equipments and system)

  • Solely authenticated by Ministry of Water Resources, P. R. China

Technical parameter

  • 100Mbps / 1000Mbp self-adapted Ethernet system, star-Ethernet or ring-Ethernet;

  • Unit LCU panel adopts international famous brand (Schneider, Omron, GE, Siemens) +color touch screen;

  • Switchgear and common system LCU panel:  international brand PLC + color touch screen;

  • Generator, transformer, line monitoring panel: protection unit with DSP chip as CPU

  • Gate LCU panel: international brand PLC + color touch screen;

  • Synchronization panel: microcomputer synchronizer and manual synchronizer

  • Temperature measurement and breaking panel: bearing one-point measurement and temperature multi-point inspection, air brake or oil brake;

  • Full electronic energy metering panel: RS485 interface;

  • DC power panel: high frequency switching power module N+1, DC feeder inspection, batteries inspection;

  • Station service AC panel: double power inlet automatic switchover

  • Automation components: high quality

  • Industrial video monitoring system: digital camera and Ethernet communication

  • Excitation system: Double microcomputer regulation self-shunt excitation system;

  • Governor: digital valve PWM regulation technology, working pressure 16Mpa.

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