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Hydropower Automatic System oluptulm

Client: HANC
Date: Apr 14,2017
Info: Phasellus ultrices t
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PWL Series Micro-computer Excitation Panel


Scope Of Application

It is used for excitation regulation and control of various synchronous generators and motors of 300MW and below, which can completely meet the requirements of all operation conditions to achieve “unattended (few people on duty).

Main Functions

Max. excitation current limit and force-excitation inverse time limit;

Under-excitation limit + loss-of-excitation protection;

PSS function;

Software phase shift and difference adjustment;

System voltage automatic tracking;

Current limiting when fan stops, thyristor failure and partial removal;

Generator PT line break monitoring and protection;

On-line parameter modification and real-time parameters display;

Real-time data wave recording;

Self-diagnosis and recovery of device.

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PWL Series Microprocessor Excitation Panel


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