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Client: HANC
Date: Jul 19,2019
Info: Phasellus ultrices t
Launch Project

Microprocessor Governor for Water Turbine

Scope of application

  • It’s applicable for the single and double regulating systems of all types of the 1MW~100MW hydraulic turbines, including mixed-flow type, axial flow type, cross-flow type, and impulse type, etc.

Microprocessor Governor for Water Turbine 1

Main features

  • For all types of hydraulic turbine units (mixed-flow, axial-flow, cross-flow and impulse type)
  • Adopt standard control valve of hydraulic system.
  • Rated Oil pressure: 2.5MPa  4.0MPa  6.3MPa  16MPa
  • PWM digital valve regulating technology
  • PID Regulating

Main technical parameters

  • Regulation law  parallel PID
  • peed dead-band of hydraulic turbine control system
  • large≤0.02%;
  • medium-sized≤0.06%;
  • small-scale≤0.1%
  • permanent difference coefficient     bp         0~10%
  • temporary droop coefficient             bt         1~200%
  • Buffer time constant                        Td         1~20S
  • Acceleration time constant              Tn         0~5s
  • Frequency setting range                 45~55HZ
  • Power setting range                        0~120%
  • Adjustable range of opening            0~105%
  • Frequency artificial failure band       0~±0.5HZ Adjustable
  • Power Supply                                   AC / DC standby

Microprocessor Governor for Water Turbine 2

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