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The complex waste to power generation plant processes involve numerous complex sections, such as incineration, heat recovery boiler, flue gas, chemical water, condensing turbo-generator, auxiliary machine, sewage treatment and many other sections; The incinerator is an imported equipment from Hitachi, Japan, and some of its process functions are also the first application of Hitachi; In addition, the process functions contain a large number of safety interlocks and equipment to work together, for example, a combustion control system that includes 67 devices to work together at the same time, and a flue gas treatment system with extremely high emission quality requirements; It totally contains nearly 300 PID calculations and around 200 main process pictures.

The DCS system uses the ABB Freelance system combined with the Fieldbus Control System (FCS) to integrate DCS control and field instrumentation management functions. The project consists of 12 sets of redundant controllers, one SOE controller, one PLC system and 17 monitoring computers. Moreover, it contains 56 IO substations, more than 650 ABB I/O cards, more than 150 communication cards, and a large number of PROFIBUS-DP/PA networking communication equipment.

The project includes complex fieldbus and equipment management systems. For example, there are 650 PA instrument communication management systems, and 57 sets of PA instrument communication network segments through 16 sets of 4 quad network segment P+F couplers; 540 DP electric heads and electrical instruments, multiple sets of third-party PLC equipment, and extending 50 DP network segments through 18 repeaters, and the HART instrument communication network consisting of 220 HART instruments. Furthermore, the brand and types of communication equipment generally include: AUMA, EMG, ROTORK, Shanghai Automation Instrument Co., Ltd., SIPOS electric head, Yokogawa transmitter, Yokogawa electromagnetic flowmeter, Krohne liquid indicator, VEGA level indicator, etc.

Guangdong Shunde District Shunkong Biomass Power Generation Project

Typical Project:

Guangdong Shunde District Shunkong Biomass Power Generation Project

Guangdong Shunde District Shunkong thermoelectric project is a state-owned thermoelectric project which realizes steam electric power by burning of household waste. The project covers an area of more than 80 acres, with a total investment of about 1.81 billion Yuan.

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