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Client: HANC
Date: Mar 23,2017
Info: Phasellus ultrices t
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PZL-03 HF Switching DC Power Supply

PZL-03 HF Switching DC Power Supply

Scope of application
It is widely applied in the hydropower plant, the thermal power plant, the substation and other fields needing DC devices (like power generation plant, substations, power distribution station, petrifaction, steel, electrified railways and real estate, etc.), so as to supply the large-power DC power. It is meanwhile used as the reliable emergency power in the communication sector, computer room, hospital, mining and factory, hotels and high buildings.

  • Main technical index
    Rated input voltage : 3-phase and 4-wire AC 323~475%, frequency 50/60Hz±10%;
    Rated output DC voltage: 48V, 110V, 220V;
    Rated output current: 10A~400A;
    Rated capacity of battery: 65Ah~3000 Ah;
    Noise of the whole machine: <55dB;
    Accuracy of steady voltage: ≤±0.5%;
    Accuracy of steady current: ≤±0.5%;
    Ripple factor: ≤0.1%;
    Unequal fluidity of paralleling machine: ≤5%;
    Power factor: ≥0.98;
    Protection level: IP20;

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