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Client: HNAC
Date: Mar 23,2017
Info: Phasellus ultrices t
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ZBW-12/0.4 HV/LV Pre-assembled Substation

ZBW-12-0.4 HV-LV Pre-assembled Substation

ZBW-12-0.4 HV-LV Pre-assembled Substation1

ZBW-12/0.4 HV/LV Pre-assembled Substation, also called box transformer substation, is suitable for 3-phase AC power transformation and distribution system of rated input voltage 12kV, rated output voltage 0.4kV, rated frequency 50Hz and rated capacity 1600kVA and below. It is used for ring net work or terminal power supply of residence communities, malls and hotels, industrial and mining enterprises, municipal works, big construction site and temporary construction sites, etc.


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