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Photovoltaic Power System oluptulm

Client: HANC
Date: Mar 18,2017
Info: Phasellus ultrices t
Launch Project

Off-line photovoltaic power system


Project introduction

Off-line photovoltaic plant is a power plant without connect grid, it has the characteristic of attach with battery to storage the energy for night using.

Using for

The county far away from city. User For example the family in county, county photovoltaic plant, telecom, satellite TV, solar energy pump, power bank.

Able to attach with other kinds of power generation system. For example, wind and solar complementary systems, hydro and solar complementary systems.


1.Battery DC photovoltaic system and non-battery DC photovoltaic system

Battery DC photovoltaic system could use solar battery to convert luminous energy into electric energy for load using and charge the battery. During the night time or raining day, the charged battery could be load using power source.

Non-battery DC photovoltaic system doesn’t need controller and battery, saved the energy lost when electricity go through controller and when power charging and discharging. It could increase the efficiency of solar energy.

2.AC/DC mixing photovoltaic system (ADMPS)

Compare to photovoltaic system, ADMPS has one more invertor, able to invert DC into AC loading source.

3.Citi’s complementary photovoltaic system

The solar battery design capacity could be a little bit smaller than usual. Basically it could generating power when it is in sunny day, and discharging when it is in raining day.

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