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Solar Power oluptulm

Client: HANC
Date: May 31,2019
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Launch Project

Water-light integrated power system


Project introduction

Water-light integrated power system refers to "hydropower station + solar power plant". At present, China has more than 48,000 hydropower stations, water and light integrated power generation system using hydropower station roof, the surrounding river, river surface, open space, hillside and other construction of solar power plants, thereby enhancing the overall power generation efficiency of hydropower stations.

Hydroelectric power generation and solar power have their own characteristics, and the water resources will be affected by the change of the rainy season and the dry season. The solar power will be influenced by the diurnal variation and the effect of the spring, summer, autumn and winter changes. Shui Guang power each have their own strengths, each have short. Hydropower and solar strengths and weaknesses can be formed complementary, the two together to maximize the power generation efficiency.


Solar energy is renewable clean energy

For ensuring the solar power plant steadily operating, HNAC offer the Turn-Key project of solar power plant. The Turn-Key service cover from initial feasibility study of project all the way to final debug of project.

1.Feasibility Study

Local laws and regulations, meteorological and radiological data, land owner, recent cable position, impact on the environment, required approvals, financial subsidies for renewable energy use and how to obtain, construction costs, etc. Research, will play a guiding role in the operation, for the follow-up work to lay a solid foundation for China from the technical team of experts to field work model for feasibility study, a comprehensive analysis of the operation of the situation.

2.Project Design

The HNAC Design Team will design according to the location of the plant and the light source to ensure its normal operation.

3.Equipment installation qualification

HNAC has "power transmission engineering professional contract level 3 qualification certificate", "mechanical and electrical engineering contractor level 3 qualification certificate", "110kV and below power transmission and construction permit", "35kV and below bearing (repair, test) power facilities permit" , "Safety production license" and other related qualifications, the implementation of engineering installation and complete sets of equipment production set integrated management model to ensure that all types of project quality, technology and services, with distribution professional design engineers, professional installation team more than 100 people.

4.System commissioning and technical training

After the installation of the equipment, HNAC professional commissioning staff will be on-site commissioning, and 72 hours during the safety monitoring operation of the technical staff for system maintenance and maintenance training to ensure that operators within three days to master the basic use of skills. HNAC has successfully held 61 training courses in power and automation technology, providing training services for technical personnel, and continuously improving the operation and maintenance of technical personnel to ensure the stable operation of equipment.

Product features

Composition of power generation system of hydropower station

1.The mechanical part of a hydropower station

Water turbine, transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, bus bars, surge arresters, voltage transformers, current transformers, etc.

2.Automation equipment for hydropower stations

  • Host computer and network system
  • Machine automation control (LCU) screen
  • Switch station and public system control (LCU) screen

  • Generator, transformer, circuit monitor and protection panel

  • Gate control (LCU) screen

  • The same period (including automatic quasi-synchronous and manual synchronization)

  • Temperature control panel

  • All electronic, electrical measurement screen

  • DC power source screen

  • Internal AC panel

  • Hydropower plant automation components

  • Microcomputer excitation system

  • Microcomputer governor solar

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