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Client: HNAC
Date: Mar 23,2017
Info: Phasellus ultrices t
Launch Project

DMP300 Series Microcomputer Protection Device


Scope of application

It is applicable to the protection, measurement, control and RTU of 110kV and below power generation system, power transmission and distribution system. It can be installed in panels or locally mounted on switchboards.

Product features

High-performance high-reliability hardware platform

It adopts dual-CPU (32-bit DSP chip) structure with industrial grade platform design, coordinating with reliable embedded real-time multiple task operating system, which guarantee the real-time and rapidity of computer, rich interface and operability.

High anti-jamming case

It has integral panel, reinforced unit, which can resist strong vibration with strong an-jamming design that suitable for severe environment. The measurement, protection AI isolation sampling channels are fully independent. The specialized analog and digital filtering design and high-accuracy AC sampling technology meet with the requirement of both measurement accuracy and the large dynamic range of protection action. The protection algorithm is mature, sound and reliable.

 Hardware modularity

The hardware modular structural design has strong interchangeability and easy to maintenance, which greatly reduced the spare parts.

Generalized function design

The software has function modular design. Each function can be configured flexibly to meet with different requirement. The device can access 8 sets of settings and store the information of last 200 SOE. The high-capacity fault recording has maximum time for 20s fault record. The DI, DO can be on-line defined by user to meet with the logic configuration of different conditions.

Graphic user interface

It real-time displays the current, voltage, frequency, power and various event messages, and the wiring diagram. The display interface can be on-line configured via front panel. The key operation is simple with Chinese-English operating interface, multi-level user authorization management for the convenience of operating and maintenance personnel on site.

High precision clock

It supports GPS PPS with B code time synchronization, combining with network and GPS to realize the synchronization of system and clock.

Rich communication interface

The device is provided with Ethernet interface, RS-485 interface. And MODBUS/RTU, 103 protocol /RTU, MODBUS/TCP &103 protocol/TCP protocol are supported.

Main technical parameters

  • Power supply
    AC220V, DC220V or DC110V power input supported
    Allowable deviation -20%~+20%
    Rated secondary voltage and current
    5A, 2A or 1A, linearity range: 0.01In~20In
    100V or 100V/, 110V or 110V/ or 400V or 400V/, linearity range: 0.2~1.2Un
    Accuracy of analog quantity monitoring: ±0.2%;
    Current, voltage setting error: ±3%;
    Phase angle: ±0.5°;
    Frequency: ±0.01Hz;
    DC quantity: ±1%
    Power energy: ±0.5%
    Fixed action time≤ 35ms;
    Time setting error≤±1%
    Remote signaling resolution ≤1ms
    Insulation performance
    AC input to ground >100MΩ
    DC input to ground >100MΩ
    Signal & output contact to ground >100MΩ
    DI loop to ground >100MΩ
    Power frequency withstand voltage: 2kV/m
    Withstand 5kV impulse voltage
    Electromagnetic compatibility
    Electrostatic discharge, electrical fast transient burst and surge impact meet with international standard
    Ambient condition
    Operating temperature: - 10℃~+55℃
    Storage and transportation: -25℃~+70℃
    Relative humidity: not more than 90%, no condensation
    Atmospheric pressure: 80~110kPa

  • Operation Manual

  • DMP300 Series Microcomputer Protection Device

  • DMP300 Series Motor Microprocessor-based Protection Device

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