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Date: Mar 23,2017
Info: Phasellus ultrices t
Launch Project

PDL-2 Synchronous Motor Microprocessor-based Excitation System

PDL-2 Synchronous Motor Microprocessor-based Excitation System

Scope of application

  • It is to regulate and control the excitation system of the brush synchronous motor of all kinds of factories, mines and enterprises of each load and capacity, such as the synchronous motor of large and medium pumps, ball mill, air compressor, etc. It can work under different operation conditions of power plants, mines and factories and realize “Unattended Operation (few on-duty)”.

  • Features
    Standard embedded structure
  • 3-phase fully-controlled bridge
  • Self-adaptive regulating method
  • For the large power, it can be designed with the dual bridges or the multi-bridges
  • Multi-bridge current-equalizing coefficient > 0.95
  • Foolproof operation
  • Direct display (touch screen being optional)
  • Great impulse driving capability
  • Complete self-check function
  • Self-restoring function
  • Complete testing function
  • Complete limiting protection function
  • Excellent control rules
  • Reliable dual-power supply
  • DI & DO
  • RS485 and Ethernet communication
  • It forms the dual Ethernet networks when using 2 sets of excitation regulator for the control and regulation, and the Ethernet when there equips with only one set of excitation regulator;

  • Technical parameters
    AI parameters:

  • Terminal voltage: PT  100V
  • Stator current: CT  5A or 1A
  • DI: 8 loops of dual optical isolation signals input
  • A/D conversion resolution ratio: 4096  12 loops
  • Auto/manual  regulating range: (5~130)% of ratings
  • Voltage regulation accuracy: ≤±0.5%
  • Phase-shifting range of thyristor: 5~165°
  • Control angle resolution of the thyristor : 0.005°/ code
  • Setting regulation speed: the speed is adjustable, which ranges 0.3%~1% of ratings per second)
  • Auto follow different regulating modes and conduct the auto and non-oscillating switchover at faults;
  • Voltage stabilizing power: AC and DC power supply, AC220V±15%, DC220V±15%
  • Power consumption: < 200W
  • The excitation output voltage can be smoothly regulated within 10%~125% of the rated voltage;
  • The excitation voltage can output the rated current and continuously operate within 40%~100% rated output voltage;
  • When switching on with the full voltage, the slip ratio is 10% and the error should be ≤ ±10%; when enabling the excitation system, the slip ratio is 5% and it will excite towards the polarity;
  • When the grid voltage changes within 80%~120% of the rated voltage, the output fluctuation should be ≤±0.5%;
  • The system is provided with the over/under current protection. The setting range of the over current protection is 80%~180% of the ratings and that of the under current protection is 20%~50% of the rating;
  • Line broken check, auto switchover and protection for excitation PT and send signals
  • Fan stop protection and send signal
  • Rectifying fault protection for power bridge and send signals;
  • Support local and remote control
  • Use RS485 or Ethernet to communicate with the upper computer;

  • Click here to get operation manual
  • PDL-2 Synchronous Motor Microprocessor-based Excitation System

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