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Water Treatment oluptulm

Client: HANC
Date: Mar 18,2017
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Water Treatment Automation System


System Introduction

Water treatment automation is the detection control system consisting of a smart controller and automated instrumentation, which has a decentralized control and centralized management on the process of water treatment.

The system has the characteristics of remote monitoring, unattended, on-line monitoring, fault diagnosis and analysis, management and control integration, dynamic production scheduling, advanced process control and optimization of production process, It has successfully applied in Hunan Rucheng Urban Sewage Treatment Plant, Anhui Tongguan Copper Foil Co., Ltd Water Treatment Equipment and Installation Project, etc.

Municipal water treatment automation system

Project Introduction

City tap water

Rural drinking water

Pressurized pumping station

Secondary water supply

Urban water diversion project

Product Features

Three-level control mode: the realization of "local manual control, computer-controlled, on-site PLC automatic control.

Centralized management, decentralized control, greatly improving the reliability of the system.

Remote login browsing: managers can browse and monitor the operation of the water plant operating conditions, analysis and decision-making through the network and the water plant's internal LAN in any position.

Communication ability, system expansion, with good openness.

Good man-machine interface, easy management and operation.

Main Function

Data processing functions

Report statistical functions

Database management functions

Control and operation functions

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