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Water Treatment oluptulm

Client: HANC
Date: Mar 18,2017
Info: Phasellus ultrices t
Launch Project

Water Conservancy system



Based on the characteristics of the water industry and the development of the information technology industry, HNAC has developed a comprehensive information system for water supply and drainage, integrating the scientific and technological elements into the drainage and drainage industry, realizing automation and informationization, improving water quality, ensuring water supply, quality service and efficiency.

Product Features:

Data service layer

It is composed of large relational database, real-time database and so on. The main function is to provide a series of operations such as data service of management information system, including data storage and retrieval.

usiness logic layer

The business logic layer mainly includes middleware service, which consists of l3 service, document service, workflow dispatch service, time synchronization service, WEB service and so on. The main task of the middle layer plays the role of a series of intermediate data processing services such as data proxy access optimization, business process driven optimization (commonly known as background business).

Application layer

The application layer is the specific business layer of the management information system. The layer is composed of several functional modules, the main function is to achieve the organization at all levels of business processing.

Main Function:

EIMP is an enterprise information management platform for all applications and data integration, and a unified user interface to the user, so that enterprises can quickly establish business-to-business and business-to-internal information portal.

EIMP provides a unified entry into the enterprise's various types of information systems, and controls the different levels of access rights through a consistent identity management mechanism.

EIMP through the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), XML (Extensive Makeup Language), TCP / lP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) and other standard external interface can integrated the third-party system into the system convenient and quickly .

EIMP provides a large number of standard basic service components for information system. Developers can quickly build enterprise business logic and build scalable system architectures.

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