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Water Treatment oluptulm

Client: HANC
Date: Mar 18,2017
Info: Phasellus ultrices t
Launch Project

Rural drinking water safety project


Project Introduction:

It is suitable for all kinds of rivers, rivers, lakes and reservoirs with water turbidity of less than 1000mg / l as the main water treatment equipment for rural, urban and industrial enterprises.

It has special adapt ability for low temperature, low turbidity, seasonal algae lake water.

As pretreatment equipment for pre-treatment for high purity water, drinking water, boiler water situation.

Product Features:

In addition to the management of a pump room and dosing system, the water purification device itself act from the reaction, flocculation, precipitation, V-type mud concentration pool, sludge, water, water, filtration, recoil, sewage and a series of operations Procedures, to achieve the requirements of automatic operationThe on duty staff only do the water quality monitoring and testing work, no need to do the water purification device operation and management.

The high concentration flocculation layer can make the impurity particles in the source water get in full contact with the collision, and the adsorption rate increases, so it can adapt to the water temperature and turbidity of the source water, and the removal rate of the impurity particles is high. The effluent meets the national drinking water standards.

Sludge sedimentation chamber and adjustable automatic sludge discharge system ensure the excess sludge impurities in a timely manner to eliminate, so as to ensure a stable removal rate of impurity particles.

Main Function:

· According to the needs of users , we can realized throughout computer control, the full realization of man-machine dialogue. Water pump, dosing system, water, coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, water, recoil, sewage, etc. are controlled by the PLC, no manual operation.

· Water quality is stable and reliable, and the effluent quality meets the national drinking standard.

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