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Internet of Everything      Intelligent Perception | Intelligent Measurement and Control System Solution of Internet of Things

The intelligent measurement and control system of the Internet of Things is a set of system solutions in the field of measurement and control, which has a micro-power consumption, multi-function, and is suitable for various environments, integrating Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobile Internet, BDS communication and other latest technologies andd data collection, data communication, data analysis and monitoring of measurement and control terminals.



◆Data could be shared, information islands could be eliminated, and data query, statistics, and analysis could be provided to the administrators and decision makes.

◆The interface is intuitive, and the operation of each link is showed by satellite positioning associated with “a picture” to prevent fraud.

◆No access dead zone, and the current data could be viewed at any time in the APP

◆The massive data of the operation could be converted into high-value and obtainable information, and the operation status could be visually displayed through reports or curves.

◆Efficient resource management, scientific management of operation and maintenance, intelligent monitoring and alarm.

◆The system setting is open, rich interfaces are provided, and the system has good scalability.

◆ PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is built in to achieve automatic control of device on site.

At present, the device is successfully appliedin six categories and 18 sub-categories.


Hydropower station ecological flow monitoring


◆Ensuring the environmental and ecological functions of rivers and maintaining the sustainable development and utilization of water resources by monitoring the discharge flow.

◆The real-time monitoring, communication transmission, forecast scheduling, and cross-border warning of the basic data cloud be realized such as water level, flow, water quality, meteorology, andphoto or video.

◆The remote multi-level data reporting is supported, with scalability and data reusability. Real-time data statistics and chart analysis, including water information, rain information, meteorological information, and photos or video monitoring data, could be viewed logging in to the monitoring platform.

◆The online ecological flow monitoring is supported by this system solution in a variety scenarios, such as dam type hydropower station, diversion type hydropower station, diversion typesmall opening gate.

Quality monitoring of drinking water


◆Unmanned monitoring on site whole day,and the hygienic indicators and their change could be accurately monitored such as color, turbidity, residual chlorine (chlorine dioxide), PH value, oxygen consumption,dissolved oxygen, conductivity and other health indicators in drinking water.

◆The scientific basis could be provided for hygiene supervision of drinking water to warning and prevent the occurrence of water safety accidents, so that a strong guarantee could be provided for sustainable development of economy and society and building a harmonious society.

◆The filter has automatic backflushing function to realize maintenance-free and togreatly extend the maintenance cycle.

◆Intelligent monitoring and emergency treatment could be achieved. When the monitoring data exceeds the standard, it can actively send alarm information to the designated mobile phone, and can be associated with starting the pump, closing the valve and other automated processes.

Water resources monitoring


◆Informationization, automation and intelligence could be realized to provide guarantee for water saving and scientifically water use in irrigation areas.

◆Water supply remote control,water metering automatic collectionand real-time image monitoring could be realized.

◆The optimal allocation of water resources could be realized to improve the efficiency of water use and finally to ensure the sustainable development of irrigation districts.

◆Comprehensive coverage, supporting comprehensive monitoring of main, trunk, branch, bucket, and final canals.

Intelligent control of integrated gate valve for wind, solar and storage


◆Integrated design, compact structure, strong expandability, integrated data acquisition and programmable logic PLC, multi-layer safety guarantee and reliability design.

◆The data goes directly to the Cloud Platform center. The overall architecture of this systemis advanced and clear, without complex underlying technology,and can meet various business application needs.

◆Full monitoring of hydrological stations, water level and flow, water quality safety, environmental monitoring , and smart agricultural scientific irrigation all could be realized.

Smart city


Monitoring:waterlogging monitoring, urban river water level, air quality monitoring, sewage monitoring, pipe corridor monitoring, water source monitoring, pipe network monitoring, manhole water level and manhole cover monitoring, etc.

Into the era of the Internet of Everything, we need to turn information into action, make silent products and functions fresh, and also enable us to make the most accurate decisions based on the most accurate reality.

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