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Operation and Maintaining Service

Considering the lack of human resource and technology workers, HNAC can provide the operational management services for the projects, including operation, maintenance, on-site training for customers’ employees.

HNAC is an electric equipment’s manufacturer and real engineering company. HNAC has its own manufacturing basement, and research institution for electricity controlling product’s hardware and software, especially for hydropower system.

HNAC hydropower products including transformer, switch gear, governor, excitation cabinet and LCU etc.
All HNAC products are able to use automatic controlling system. Beside of this, all HNAC device s are able to connect with HNAC automatic controlling software.
HNAC was focus on hydropower technology research and design for more than 20 years, was an expert for all kinds of hydropower station operating.

HNAC Operation and Maintaining service can help you to reduce your cost on hydropower operating and maintaining, to avoid the damage caused by wrong operating procedures.


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