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Hydropower oluptulm

Date: Mar 16,2017
Info: Phasellus ultrices t
Launch Project

Zhaojiaya Second Level Hydropower Station Unattended Modification Project


Zhaojiaya Second Level Hydropower Station had been built in late 1980’s. It’s located on a mountain with 600 meters high at the west of Cili County in China. This hydropower station is 50 kilometers from Cili County. In this place with a huge of annual rainfall, and the station is in the deep of the forest. It not convenient for people going in and out. It does have a big problem of to hire an employee. To solve this problem, HNAC provided its Unattended Technology to this hydropower station.

HNAC Unattended Technology
HNAC Unattended Technology based on internet remoting technology. Using the internet connect the hydropower station deep in forest and the controlling center in a convenience place. The surveillance system covered the entire area of the station.
Beside of this, all unite and devices are attached with an inductor and connected to the detecting system. It able to cut out the power system automatically when the accident occurred.

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