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Founded in 1993, HNAC has undertaken more than 100 Engineering Contracting Projects, provided efficient and qualified products and service to 40 foreign countries and 7000 projects in the world. We provide EPC service and overall automation solutions to Water Conservancy & Hydropower Engineering, Substation & Transmission Line, pump station and water treatment.

Based on years of experience and proven track record in the International Engineering Contracting Business, we have established a well-known brand “HNAC”,

Business of EPC, EPC+F, EP etc are recognized by many countries and regions, especially the domestic market share of Hydropower Station and Pump Station automation control equipment is the first place, and the only UNIDO-ICSHP Changsha Hydropower Control Equipment Manufacturing Base.

If you have any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would like to serve you anytime. HNAC pursues to be your best consultant, designer, partner and supplier.

International Engineering Contracting

Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering

We provide EPC, EPC+F, EP service of water conservancy and hydropower engineering contracting.