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Substation oluptulm

Client: HANC
Date: Mar 16,2017
Info: Phasellus ultrices t
Launch Project

Southern power Grid Baoping Digital Substation Project in Guangxi


Baoping Digital Substation is one of Baoping Power Transmission and Distribution Projects of Jinchengjiang Electric Company. The project started in May, 2011 and covered an area of 2448m2 of which 254.4m2 is building area. The total investment is 15,480,000 RMB. The designed capacity of the Substation is 2*5000kVA. At present, a 5000kVA main transformer is installed. And the new 35kV transmission line from Wuyu to Baoping is about 20km long. Moreover there are 6 loops of 10kV outgoing lines.

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