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Date: Mar 16,2017
Info: Phasellus ultrices t
Launch Project

Yongding Xinhe Tidal Gate Project National Key Project for Flood Control

The first-stage project of Yongding Xinhe River Regulation has a total investment of 1.011 billion CNY. The main construction includes a 20-opening tide gate, the flood discharging capacity of which is designed to withhold the flood of 50 years period return and checked based on a 100-year- return period flood conditions. By the end of May. 2010, the project had been completed. The flood of upper stream of Yongding Xinhe River and Chaobai Xinhe River are discharged into Bohai Sea, Securing the Haihe River Basin, especially central city area and Binhar New Area of TianJin City.

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